List of Plugins

This is the list of the 117 plugins currently distributed with EventGhost 0.4.1:

Essential (always loaded)

Here you find actions that mainly control the core functionality ofEventGhost.
Gives you actions to control the mouse pointer and emulation of mouse events.
Controls different aspects of your system, like sound card, graphics card, power management, et cetera.
Actions that are related to the control of windows on the desktop, like finding specific windows, move, resize, grab text(s) and send keypresses to them.

Remote Receiver

A plugin for the ASUS PSR-2000 remote.
ATI Remote Wonder II (WinUSB)
Plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder II remote.
BT8x8 based remote
AverTvStudio remote, may work for other bt8x8 cards. Requires Dscaler to be installed.
Conceptronic CLLRCMCE
Plugin for the Conceptronic Remote Control for Windows® Media Center.
CyberLink Universal Remote Control
Plugin for the CyberLink Universal Remote Control
Allows to receive events from FS20 remote controls.
Hardware plugin for the Egon USB or RS232 IR receiver.
EventPhone Remote
Plugin for the EventPhone iPhone/Ipod Touch™ native application.
Generic HID
Communication with devices that follow the Human Interface Device (HID) standard.
Hauppauge IR
Hardware plugin for the Hauppauge IR Control, delivered with several Hauppauge TV cards
Home Electronics Tira
Hardware plugin for the Home Electronics Tira transceiver.
Plugin for Igor Cesko’s USB IR receiver.
Use joysticks and gamepads as input devices for EventGhost.
Keene IR Anywhere
Hardware plugin for the Keene Electronics IR Anywhere transceiver
This plugin generates events on keypresses (hotkeys).
LIRC Client
Plugin for sending and receiving LIRC eventstrings. Generates EventGhost events based on data received from the LIRC-server.
Logitech UltraX Media Remote
Plugin for the Logitech UltraX Media Remote.
Microsoft MCE Remote
Plugin for the Microsoft MCE remote.
Microsoft MCE Remote - Vista/Win7
Plugin for the Microsoft MCE remote. Requires installation of AlternateMceIrService.
PC Remote Controller
Plugin for the PC Remote Controller.
Plugin for the PHX01RN USB Remote
PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Remote
Hardware plugin for the PS3 Bluetooth Remote (based on the HID code of Bartman)
Sidewinder Game Voice
Allows the communication with the Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice.<br/>This plug in also demonstrates how to use EventGhost’s HID API.
Speed-Link SL-6399 Media Remote
Plugin for the Speed-Link Media Remote Control (SL-6399)
Streamzap PC Remote
Hardware plugin for the Streamzap PC Remote.
TechniSat USB IR Receiver
Plugin for the TechniSat USB IR Receiver
TechnoTrend IR Devices (BDA)
Hardware plugin for TechnoTrend IR receivers delivered with TechnoTrend TV cards.
TechnoTrend USB IR Receiver
Hardware plugin for the TechnoTrend USB Infrared Receiver.
Terratec USB Receiver
Plugin for the Terratec USB Remote
UIR / Irman
Hardware plugin for the Universal Infrared Receiver V1 (UIR) and the Irman device.
Hardware plugin for the Universal InfraRed Transceiver V2.
Hardware plugin for the USB-UIRT transceiver.
X10 Remote
Hardware plugin for X10 compatible RF remotes.
Xbox remote control
Xbox remote control plugin, based on the Generic Human Interface Device (HID) plugin.
Hardware plugin for the Y.A.R.D. IR-transceiver from Andre Weber.
auvisio VRC-1100 Ro
Plugin for the Auvisio PC-Remote.

Program Control

Adds support functions to control BSPlayer.
Billy Player
Adds actions to control the Billy audio player.
CyberLink PowerDVD
Adds actions to control CyberLink PowerDVD 7 and 8.
DScaler 4
Adds support functions for DScaler 4.
DVB Dream
Adds actions to control DVB Dream.
Adds support functions to control DVBViewer Pro/GE and DVBViewerService and returns events.
Adds actions to control the Foobar2000 audio player.<br /><br />For v1.0 you need I foosion’s Run Command (foo_runcmd) plugin.
GOM Player
Adds support functions to control GOM Player.
Adds actions to control IrfanView.
Adds actions to control the Fomine LAN Chat.
Adds actions to control Windows Media Center.
Media Player Classic
Adds actions to control Media Player Classic.
Adds support functions to control MediaMonkey.
Adds actions to control MediaPortal.
Adds actions to control Meedio.
Adds actions to control the MyTheatre multimedia application.
Adds actions to control the Radio?Sure!
Adds actions to control the SageTV Media Center.
Sceneo TVcentral
Adds actions to control Sceneo TVcentral.
Screamer Radio
Adds actions to control the Screamer radio.
Splash Lite
Adds actions to control the Splash Lite - next generation player.
Adds actions to control TheaterTek.
VLC media player
Adds actions to control the VLC media player.
Uses the Google web service to retrieve current and forecasted weather information.More Info on
Adds actions to control Winamp.
Windows Media Player
Adds actions to control the Windows Media Player.
XBMC Event Receiver
Receives events from XBMC Host UDP Broadcasts.
Adds actions buttons to control XBMC.
Zoom Player
Adds actions to control the famous Zoom Player.
Adds actions to control the ffdshow DirectShow filter.

External Hardware Equipment

Barco CRT Projector
Controls Barco CRT projectors via RS232.
Control a CM11A device via the serial interface
CambridgeAudio Amps Serial
Control Cambridge Audio Amps via RS232
Denon AV Serial
Control Denon A/V Amps/Receivers via RS232
Allows to send commands to FS20 receivers.
FHZ 1000 PC
FHZ 1000 PC
Homeseer plugin. More info on
JVC DILA Projector
This plug in is for controlling JVC DILA projectors via RS-232
JVC HD-1 Projector
This plugin is for controlling an JVC HD-1 projector via RS-232
Marantz AV Receiver
This plugin allows you to control your Marantz SR-series receiver through it’s serial port.
Onkyo AV Serial
Control Onkyo A/V Receivers via RS232
Onkyo ISCP
Controls any Onkyo Receiver which supports the ISCP protocol.
Optoma H79 Serial
Control an Optoma H79 projector via RS232
Sends and receives RFXCOM messages using xPLRFX from xPL Monkey.<br ><br ><center><img src=”xPL_plugin.png” /></center>
Samsung TV
Control Samsung TV via RS232
Plugin to control TellStick devices.
Yamaha RX-V1000 Serial
Control Yamaha RX-V1000 receivers using RS232.
d-box2 Remote Emulator
Control your d-box2 set-top box over Ethernet.
Send and receive xPL messages.


Application Observer
Generates events if selected application(s) is (are) launched or terminated.
Listens for and Transmits UDP Broadcasts
Desktop Remote
Creates a remote-like desktop window.
Directory Watcher
Monitors a directory and generates events if files are created, deleted or changed in it.
Dynamic Webserver
Implements a small webserver, that you can use to generate events through HTML-pages.
<p>Receives events from an AVM FRITZ!Box over TCP/IP.</p>
File Operations
File Operations (reading, periodical reading and writing).
Log redirector
This plugin is designed to easily redirection of EventGhost log to text file.
Adds Multitapper actions.
Network Event Receiver
Receives events from Network Event Sender plugins.
Network Event Sender
Sends events to an Network Event Receiver plugin through TCP/IP.
OS Menu
Allows you to create custom On Screen Menu.
On screen explorer
Allows you to create custom On Screen Explorer.
This plugin generates events when an host become available or unavailable on your LAN. It requires that the hosts you want to test tespond to ping requests. Please, have a look at the readme file !
Process Watcher
Generates events if a process is created or destoyed
Remote event mapper
<strong>This plugin is designed for easy remapping of events from remote controls.</strong>
This plugin is designed to easily schedule events ...
Triggers an event at configurable dates & times
Serial Port
Arbitrary communication through a serial port.
Sound Mixer Ex
This plugin allows you to set virtually any control available on your soundcard.
Uses the Text-To-Speech service of the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI).
Triggers an event at sunset/sunrise and configurable dates & times<br ><br ><center><img src=”suntracker_plugin.png” /></center>
System Tray Menu
Allows you to add custom menu entries to the tray menu of EventGhost.
Task Create/Switch Events
Generates events if an application starts, exits or gets switched into focus.
Test Pattern
Plugin to show some test patterns.
Triggers an event after an adjustable time and optionally repeats it after an interval.
Receives events from ELV USB/RFID-Interface.
Implements a small webserver, that you can use to generate events through HTML-pages.

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