What is EventGhost?!?

Home automation made simple!

EventGhost is a home automation program that enables competing technologies to work together by providing them with a platform through which they can communicate with one another. The program accomplishes this through an interface that is so easy to use that if you can drag and drop a file, then you are qualified to use EventGhost.

With EventGhost you are able to create sets (macros) of tasks (actions) to perform. In that macro you would place the notification(s) (event) that you want to run that macro that contains the actions you wish to perform. The events that are displayed (triggered) can be generated by anything that has the ability to communicate. So if you wanted to pause a movie on your HTPC when someone rings the doorbell the event would be the doorbell ringing and the action would be pressing the pause button, bundle them together inside of a macro and you're done!. EventGhost is very likely the only piece of software that will allow you to open your garage door with your Xbox controller.

One of the best features about EventGhost is that it is extensible, and has over 300 unique extensions (plugins) available. Some examples of devices that EventGhost is able to talk to are Yamaha, Denon/Marantz, Pioneer, Sony, Sonos, Samsung, RTI, Amazon Echo, MicasaVerde Vera, Phillips Hue, and many others. Supported automation protocols include but not limited to MQTT, IFTTT, TCP/IP, Serial (RS-232), CIR (IR remotes), X10, xAP, xPL, pretty much any spoken human language. EventGhost can even automate tasks on the computer it is installed on. Things like keyboard operations, mouse movements, opening and closing running programs, changing sound and video settings, and powering on and off you monitors. Some examples of events that get triggered from various changes on the computer are plugging or unplugging a USB device, when the computer changes from outlet to battery power (UPS or laptop), logging on or off, starting and stopping of remote desktop sessions, you can even have EventGhost trigger an event if a file has changed. Abilities like this are what make it the most powerful tool in your home automation arsenal.

EventGhost developers love the program so much that they have been known to make new/custom plugins almost on-demand. So if you have an idea, create an account on the forum and just ask. I don't think we have come across a home automation request we have not been able to fulfill.

Once you get to use EventGhost and you get to meet the community behind it you will want EventGhost running your smart home. EventGhost can make your smart home dream a reality.

Oh I forgot to mention the best part. It's FREE!!!. All of it (including support).

Software Features

EventGhost has so many features we dare
not list them all.

So here are a couple of the top ones.

Over 300 plugins.

Runs on Microsoft Windows.

Real time Python scripting.

Event based.



Media Control.

Audio Control.

Lighting Control.

Keyboard/Mouse Emulation.

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